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"The one word I can find to describe Cassandra Fulwood is "selfless." The mentoring I received from her was life-transforming. She was able to pull out of me what I did not even know was there. She gave of herself with love and commitment. Within the time she mentored me, I went from being very unsure of myself to being affirmed in my calling and gifting that propelled me into starting the ministry Holy Spirit had placed in my heart. I was challenged, affirmed, empowered and released to walk in the good works God had prepared in advance for me."

Patrice G. - Port Saint Lucie, FL

"Thank you, Pastor San. I will forever be grateful for you taking the time to pour into me. I can truly say that the time was one of the defining moments in my life. You dug deep and pulled things out of me that I had buried deep inside. You made me look at things through a different lens, and my perspective has truly changed. I accessed my reality. I am stronger, wiser, and definitely more confident. I am guarding my heart and renewing my mind with the Word of God so that I can be my best possible self. I will fulfillment those commitments and to make myself a priority."

K. Anderson - Central FL

"I have gratitude to Coach Cassy for never failing to give me great advice, believing in me, and just being "her." She convinced me to go after what I want. I set goals and accomplished them. She works hard, is admirable and one of the greatest  mentors someone can ever have. An excellent teacher and a great inspiration. I was shown the value of honesty, sincerity, and trust in myself. I learned to be strong because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever. Thanks Coach Cassy!"

S. Crossgill - Riviera Beach, FL

My husband and I was going through a rough season in our marriage so we decided to see a marriage counselor. We reached out to Pastor Cassandra and she agreed to see us. That decision was life changing and the best decision my husband and I made, it saved our marriage. Pastor San is an excellent marriage counselor. She Listens, speaks honestly, doesn’t judge (VERY IMPORTANT, in order to speak freely) she stays impartial doesn’t take sides (even though I wanted her to take my side 😉) only speaks what the WORD says, and help guide your marriage biblically. If you’re looking for a counselor, someone to talk to, look no further. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Pastor Cassandra V. Fulwood 
Natalie and Edwidge Amisial, of Port Saint Lucie, FL, married for 5 years and counting. 
Thank you Pastor, and I thank God for placing you in my life and now, our lives. 

You will never leave a session without a strategy that will help you get to the next level. Upon meeting Cassandra, I was unclear of who I was and my purpose as a whole. She helped me discover my true identity which has fully launched me into purpose. You'll have to do the work, but I guarantee you that she will be present every step of the way making sure that you get to a better you. The journey was worth it."

Tiffany W.  - West Palm Beach, FL

"Pastor San has unequivocally coached and mentored me to mature into a seasoned and professional woman of God.  She uses strategic measures as a method of coaching, which has assisted me in my career ladder as a human resources professional.  Pastor San has been my midwife in my birthing room of personal ministries and spiritual growth.  Her wisdom, sound judgment and practicality has helped me grow and develop in my personal life.  She has also been assiduous in praying, coaching and mentoring me as I suffered with mental health illnesses that manifested from childhood traumas of rape, molestation, physical, verbal and emotional abuse, rejection and abandonment. Thank you Pastor San!"

L. Johnson - Boynton Beach, FL

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